Winter Wonderblog 2013 Roundup

December 17, 2013

First of all I’d like to apologize for not completing this years Winter Wonderblog fully I know I said I would blog every other day and didn’t. There should of been 16 posts in total for the series and I only ended up doing 9 which is a shame. 

Part of this is because I was ill last week and couldn’t face looking at a computer and also part of this is because I go away tomorrow and I only found out at short notice after I planned out Winter Wonderblog. However I’ve loved writing 9 posts to do with Winter/Christmas over these past few weeks and you guys have seemed to love it too which is always great!!

Here’s a list of all the blog posts that I did:

25th November – Christmas Party Outfits

27th November – Christmas Gifts for Him – Beauty
29th November – Christmas Playlist
1st December – Christmas Gifts for her – Beauty

3rd December – Winter jumpers

10th December – Favorite Christmassy Youtube Videos 2013

14th December – Christmas Gifts For Her/Him – Lifestyle 

15th December – The Christmas TAG 2013

Second of all I go away tomorrow so I won’t be uploading any blog posts for the next 10 days!! I will also most likely not have internet therefore won’t be uploading my VLOGS on a daily basis. 

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