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December 17, 2013

So about a month a go I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I saw a tweet from a company that caught my eye. They had tweeted to ask if any bloggers would like free clothing basically. So obviously I replied because one it’s promoting your blog but also it’s helping the company to promote their company too so everybody wins!!

The company that sent me these two lovely tops is Henri Castro.The company is still in it’s early stage of growth however it’s doing fantastic at the moment with lots of amazing feed back both on their Twitter and Facebook pages. They also now have an Instagram page which is great because it will help them to promote their company even more!! 

I emailed Chloe saying that I’d love to get involved she replied with a few pictures of clothing that she had in stock. I was then able to choose the ones that I liked so that it gave Chloe an idea of the type of clothing that I liked. We then exchanged further emails where I discovered how lovely Chloe was her customer service was truly amazing and professional. The first email I received from Chloe was very informative and actually quite lovely to read I love discovering new companies and learning about how they started up. 

Henri Castro is the brain child (this basically the creator) of Chloe who graduated from the Cotswolds. Chloe is the brain of the company and the one who sees that everything runs smoothly. Henri Castro is basically like any other online clothes shop they feature clothes from highstreet stores and designers. However there is a twist all the clothing that is produced by Henri Castro itself is handmade and unique. 

 * This is one of the tops that I received it’s a long black top with bits that are cut out down the side. It’s from Jennifer Hope Clothing and Jesy from Little Mix has been spotted wearing it. I absolutely love it because it’s meaningful and unique looking when I saw it I was 100% sure that I was defiantly going to be taking it on holiday with me. 

* This is the second top that I received it’s a sample of the new range of handmade women’s tees that Chloe is currently trialing. I personally really like it the fabric that is used is really soft and I know that my skin won’t become irritated compared to some of the other tees that I own. I’m also in LOVE with the cute floral pocket because I love floral things. I think that Henri Castro should defiantly continue making these handmade women’s tees because they’re unique but also modern at the same time. 

I’d just like to say a HUGE Thank You to Chloe for sending me these tops for free and for an excellent customer service. I’d love to purchase some more items at a later date and I’d defiantly reccomend Henri Castro to my friends. Overall Henri Castro is a very reliable, professional and friendly company. If you would like to purchase anything from Henri Castro then check out all of there social links and their website which only went live a few days ago!!

Website: http://www.henricastro.co.uk/index.php

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HenriCastroCo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/henricastroclothing?fref=ts
Instagram: http://instagram.com/henricastroclothing

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