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January 10, 2014

Baylis and Harding Skin Spa Collection Cherry Blossom £6.50

This was another present that I got for Christmas it was actually from my auntie, uncle and their children. I’ve always loved Baylis and Harding because they’re brand is reasonable but at the same time they have that high end feeling to it which I love. This is a great set for me because it’s aimed at people who shower and I shower a lot instead of having baths. Even though I love a good bath I also love showers especially when I’m in a rush they’re great!!

The first product that came in this set is this Rich Intensive Body Cream which smells like the body creams that you get when you go to a spa. I really like this body cream because it drys super quick and it’s easy to massage into your skin. I also like the packaging because it’s medium sized which means that it’s easy to carry around with you. 

This body cream is a great way to hydrate your skin and keep it soft throughout these winter months. I think that I’ll defiantly use this body cream up because I’m already in love with it and I’ve only been using it for a couple of days. Normally I hate putting body cream on because it takes forever to dry and irritates me but I’m defiantly going to be using this one!!

The second product is this Steam Shower Body Cleanser which equally smells as great as the body cream. I love using body cleansers because they’re so easy to use all you have to do is lather the cleanser into your skin whilst you’re in the shower and then rinse it off. The packaging of both of these products is really pretty I love how the design is simple but cute and captures your attention. I‘ve found that with this particular body cleanser my skin has become a lot smoother. 

Again like the body cream the size of the bottle is great I’d defiantly take these away with me if I couldn’t find the travel sizes in time because they still a reasonable size. Overall I’ve loved these Baylis and Harding products and I’d defiantly re-purchase these again as they’re so useful and smell amazing too. I love how reasonably priced they are and they’re a great idea for a birthday present or just a present to show how much someone means to you!! 

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