New Year, Better Me, Better Blogger, Better Youtuber?

January 1, 2014
A year on Instagram –  January: New puppies  February: A quote I loved March:  A typical Sunday breakfast April: A baby photo of me  May: Cute gifts from my best friends for my Birthday June: Photo of the hotel we stay at in Tenerife July: Photo of me on holiday in Tenerife August: Notting Hill Carnival September:  Yummy healthy lunch October: Old Selfie November: Roasting marshmallows at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London  December: Selfie from my latest holiday abroad

New Year: So it’s officially the 1st of January 2014 I know everyone has been saying this but it’s scary how time fly’s this year has gone so quickly I almost can’t believe it’s happened. At this moment in time I’m really happy with my life what with my second nephew on the way any day now 2014 is going to start off as a beautiful year!!

2013 was quite a tough year to be quite honest with you guys, but it was definitely an eye opener that I will always remember for the rest of my life. I’m hoping for nothing but the best this 2014 and I’m greeting the New Year with a smile because you know what? The past is the past and you can’t change anything and it’s not going to stop me from having a beautiful future ahead. 

Better me: I know everyone says that with a New Year comes a “New Me” well this year I’m not going to say that because you can’t really change a person you can only make them better. So this year I hope to build on what I already know about myself and make myself a better person. Not by changing my whole lifestyle but by changing aspects of it for example how I treat people and thinking about what I say to them before I actually say it. 

Better Blogger: So this year I’d love to make my blog better not by the amount of people that view it or the amount of people who follow me but by the way that it comes across to people and the whole vibe of it. I’d also love to inspire more people by talking about topics that aren’t usually talked about. I’d love to start writing about more beauty and fashion posts as well. 

Better Youtuber: Again like my blog I’d love to better my Youtube by actually committing to it and uploading videos which I believe you guys will enjoy watching. I know that I’m not one of the best Youtubers in fact I’m just starting but I know that you guys have already provided me with lots of amazing support. 

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