Review | One Direction – Our Moment

January 3, 2014

One Direction – Our Moment £20

This is one of the presents that I got for Christmas and honestly I’m so happy that I did because I know I’ll already be re-purchasing it and I’ve only had it for a small amount of time!! First of all the smell of the perfume has a juicy feminine smell which is made up of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers. It leaves a playful and enticing scent on the skin which means that it’s great to wear on a date or just when you’re carrying out your day to day tasks. 

Second of all the packaging of this particular perfume is gorgeous in my opinion. I love how feminine it looks from the box, the perfume bottle itself to the colour of the perfume it all relates to one and another. The whole feel and look of the perfume bottle makes me feel like I’m using a really expensive perfume when in fact it’s reasonably cheap for a 30ml bottle. 

Inside the box was a little note which said “We’ve loved every step of creating this special fragrance for you, our incredible fans. We are very proud of it and hope you love “Our Moment” as much as we do. Thank you so much for always being right there for us we love you 1D x” how cute is that when I read it made me think how much the boys really do care about their fans. 

Last of all I’m defiantly going to be re-purchasing this perfume even though I’ve only just got it because I love it that much!! I think that every girl should have it in their perfume collection because it can be used for many occasions. It’s also easy to take around with you because the 30ml bottle which I have is only small therefore you can always smell beautiful wherever you go.

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