#2014BloggerChallenge No.3

February 5, 2014

For the third post of #2014bloggerchallenge we have been asked to write about a book that we enjoy or in this case books that I enjoy reading or have read. For example it could be a post about your favorite book, an inspiring book or anything to do with books in general.

For the #2014bloggerchallenge you have to write a blog post twice a month which will be about different topics. all the posts will go live during the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. The topics are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn’t normally write about. 

So I decided to choose the Flynn Series by Sophie McKenzie. Which is a four part series based on a relationship between Flynn and River who go through many ups and downs throughout these books. I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to ruin them for you guys who haven’t read it. 

But I’ll give you a teaser here’s the blurb for the first book Falling Fast This is life, not a rehearsal…When River auditions for a part in an inter-school performance of Romeo and Juliet, she finds herself smitten by Flynn, the boy playing Romeo. River believes in romantic love, and she can’t wait to experience it. But Flynn comes from a damaged family – is he even capable of giving River what she wants? The path of true love never did run smooth…”

For those of you who have you will know how amazing they are and how gripping they are too. I also love so many other series by Sophie Mckenzie the first ever series that I read was the Luke and Eve series. Then I read the Girl Missing series and now I’m on to the Flynn series which I have one more book to complete. I love Sophie’s books because they’re all thrilling in some sort of way and they make me never want to put the book down. 

I really relate to these books because Sophie’s originally from London and some aspects of her books are always set in London. I also find these books amazing because Sophie really adds a lot of detail which makes you think that you’re actually there. I’ve re-read her books quite a lot because I love their story lines and they help me to forget my worries or troubles in my own life and imagine being in someone else’s life instead. 

If you love teen books that are about romance or thrillers then defiantly go and check out Sophie McKenzie as they are her specialty. I can’t wait to see what other books she brings out in the future and I hope to get the last book in the Flynn Series soon as I’m so eager to finish it already!!

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