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February 24, 2014

Collection 2000 Naturally Matt Foundation| Blonde 2 £2.99
So first of all I’d like to say that I know that this colour is defiantly not the right colour for me as it makes me look white like a ghost just on it’s own!! However if I blend it with another foundation it’s fine I also blend it with another foundation that I have which is too dark for me so in the end it works out perfectly. I’ve put a link down below of the foundation that I’m reviewing in case any of you want to purchase it.

The good

I have to admit that this foundation worked well for me because I don’t usually wear foundation on a daily basis and because this foundation was a low coverage it worked for me. When I applied it looked like I had hardly anything on which I loved giving me a natural look. I can not write a review about this product without mentioning how good the price is. 

For such a reasonable foundation which you could easily use on a daily basis you’re certainly not going to have to save up to purchase it as it’s under £5. I also think that it works really well both during the day and at night because you then have a natural look which allows you to emphasis other features like your eyes with a pop of colour or your lips with a classic red lipstick. 

The Bad

There’s not many bad aspects about this product however I was disappointed with the choice of shades that they had. When I look online there’s only about 5 different shades which isn’t good because there’s so many beautiful women out there with different types of skin tones. Therefore this is probably why I picked up the wrong shade because it was the only one which I thought would of suited me. 

Another bad aspect is that I have to say as well is that I would have loved if the foundation bottle was a big bigger. This is because I’ve almost used this one up and many of my other foundations I haven’t even got 2/3 of the way through them. The last thing which slightly annoyed me was that sometimes the foundation comes out a bit watery however this is only minor and can be fixed by just shaking up the bottle. It only annoyed me because sometimes I went to apply it and I was covering my face with watery foundation instead of normal foundation haha!!

Overall View

I’d defiantly re-purchase this again because it is a really useful foundation to have especially when you want to have a natural look. All of the bad aspects about the product are only minor which means that they can all be overcome. I personally loved this product because it allowed me to not look like a “zombie” but also not look like someone who had slapped on a ton of make-up. It’s a great foundation to use for school, college, university, work or even when you’re just relaxing at home with the family on the weekend. 

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