I’m back, Writers Block & Busy Life???!

February 19, 2014

I’m Back:

So as you can probably guess by the title I’ve been a way for a couple of days. Not exactly away away just offline from my internet world that I have created. This is due to two factors which I will talk about in a minute. First of all I’d like to say I’m back and I’m determined to upload roughly five times a week like I did before and roughly one to two times on my Youtube Channel. 

Writers Block:

As a blogger & youtuber I’m expected to keep up a schedule and sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes we’re reminded that we’re still human and we get stuck we realise that we actually don’t know what to write about we get a “writers block” or a “video block” both are annoying because we know what we roughly want to produce but we don’t know what to say in the post or how to present it therefore we’re stuck? Thus we leave our blogs and youtubes for a while and hope it just comes to us which is why I’m writing this blog post because my “writers block” has finally ended!! *YAAAAAAY* 

Busy Life: 

The second factor as to why I haven’t been uploading on my blog or my youtube channel is because I’ve had lots going on in my life. I’ve had coursework deadlines to complete, friendship problems to solve, love life dilemmas? & just every day to day life issues. Which can sometimes make being a blogger & a youtuber hard because you feel as if you have no energy to sit here and just type. I know that sounds stupid and if you write a blog or make youtube videos you will understand me. If you don’t then writing a blog or making youtube videos is quite time consuming and the amount of time depends on how much effort you put into your work and how good you want it to look. 

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