Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves

February 6, 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves £6.99

So as you guys can see in my recent haul I managed to pick up another mascara which was a Rimmel product what a surprise!! I only got this because it was 2 for 3 on all Rimmel products and I picked up 2 other products so the lady at the till said do you want this and I was like sure. 

This particular mascara is “Rimmel’s first broken heart-shaped mascara brush that curves to fit the lash line for maximum volume and a rocking London Look”.There is a thin brush tip which allows you to reach lashes which are hard to get. It also has an amplified base of brush which produces dramatic volume and curves.

In my opinion this mascara is of a high quality which doesn’t surprise me because all of the Rimmel mascara’s that I have tried have been of a great quality. I love this one because the small tip at the end allows you to apply mascara to the base of your eyelash without smudging it all over your eyes. 

The flexibility of this brush is fantastic as you can really apply your mascara on in many different ways. I personally think it’s a really useful product to have in your bag because you can use it whenever and wherever. Whether it be just to add that final touch to your look or to make yourself look some what presentable this mascara is a must have!! 

As I’ve said before Rimmel as a brand are incredibly reasonable and are of a great quality. I especially love their mascara’s as they last a long time and there’s such a wide range of mascara’s for different occasions and different looks. I can’t wait to use this more in the future and try it out with different looks. 

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