I Haven’t Posted In A While. This Is Why

March 8, 2014

Hey guys so as you may have noticed this past week I haven’t blogged at all and I do apologise for this. As I know a good blogger is suppose to blog on a regular basis which I haven’t been doing!! So I guess that makes me a bad blogger or does it? Does it just make me human because I’ve been poorly this week and pretty busy as well. 

So I guess being poorly is a great excuse to blog you would think?! In my case no this is because I lose all motivation and sitting in front of a computer to write a post isn’t the way forward when you’re ill. I guess people who don’t blog don’t actually understand how much effort and time goes into it. It’s pretty much like a job that you don’t get paid for you still have to spend a lot of time on it if you want anything to come out of it. Sometimes writing a review can take me around 2 hours because I make sure that I’m producing high-quality posts for you guys to enjoy. 

This week I’ve also been extremely busy with college work as I’ve got multiple deadlines coming up and exam period is soon approaching. I’m constantly writing up notes and kind of forgetting that I even have a blog because I’m so busy. 

I’m sorry for not posting and I know that you guys will understand as you always do. I always like to tell you guys why I haven’t been blogging as I think it’s important because this whole journey is a two way thing. I’m defiantly going to be putting more time and effort into my blog it might be a slow process at this moment of the year because I’ve got so much going on but I’m going to try my best. 

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