Review | Kate Moss Rimmel Shade 101

March 2, 2014

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick Shade 101 Soft Pink £5.49

This is my second Rimmel Lipstick review and I have to say this one I don’t like as much as my other lipstick this is because I think that the colour doesn’t really suit me. However I did like the lipstick itself because as I’ve said before Rimmel lipsticks are known for being of high quality within the beauty world and I absolutely love the Kate Moss collection. 

This particular lipstick is a matte lipstick which means that it gives a velvety lasting finish which I loved. This is because the lipstick itself looks intense and the colour lasts all day long!! Even though I don’t particularly like the colour at the moment I’m hoping I’ll grow to love it because it is a really nice colour. I just don’t think it suits my skin tone that’s all if not I’ll probably give it to a friend. 

This lipstick is great for spring as it’s a soft pink tone it would be great for a day date or even a night date. I suggest if you’re going on a day date to pair it with a cute girly dress, sandals or wedges and some natural make-up with maybe curly or straight hair. On the other hand if you’re going on a night date then this lipstick would go perfectly with anything white and subtle make-up. 

I’d love to purchase more lipsticks from Rimmel in particular the Kate Moss collection because they are fantastic pigmentation. They also last a long time which means that you don’t have to worry about topping your lipstick up throughout the day. Like I’ve said many times before Rimmel are such a reasonable brand. They’re also quite popular in the UK after being one of the top brands found in high street stores. 

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