Mothers Day ♥

March 30, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mums out there I hope you have all had a relaxed & peaceful day full of love & happiness!! I know some people think that Mothers day is a bit controversial because you should show love to your mum every single day of the year which is true. However I think dedicating a whole day just to your mum is quite lovely because we often think that our mums know how much we appreciate them yet we spend so much time living our lives that we don’t actually have time to show all that love. 

Today has been a really lovely day I woke up earlier than normal and decided to clean the kitchen and start on the chores for the day like stacking the dishwasher, putting all our clothes into the washing machine, hanging them up & then starting on preparing lunch for everyone. I then made my mum coffee and gave her presents that I had brought her. I mostly brought her small gimmicky presents as I’m pretty broke but she seemed pretty happy with the wine glass, notebook & perfume that I got her.  

My mums friends then turned up and so did one of my mums friends sons and his girlfriend. It was great fun because he’s a childhood friend of mine and I don’t really get to see him or his brother much. We then all just had a relaxing day filled with lots of food, drink & music. We all caught up on the latest gossip and news and just had a really peaceful day. 

I hope you guys have all had a beautiful day with your mums & family and if any of you guys out there don’t have mums then I’m pretty sure that they’re so proud of how amazing you have turned out to be. Keep making them proud because even though they’re not there with you anymore they still love you so much. I’d love to hear about what some of you guys got up to today feel free to leave a comment down below..

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