Next Homeware Wishlist

March 19, 2014

So as Spring has sprung I thought that I would share with you some of the homeware from next that I’d love to purchase. The whole concept is a nautical/beach theme which reminds me of where I grew up which is near Brighton a sunny seaside town (more like a city!).

Heart Tealight Tray £15

I’ve always wanted some sort of tray to place my candles on as I’m quite a clumsy person and I can defiantly see myself knocking a candle over. This is because I usually knock drinks over at least once or twice a week (it’s rather embarrassing). So something like this which is so simple but effective would be great for me as it’s also chic and pretty.

Memories Made At The Beach Canvas £15

I think that this would be such a lovely canvas to place on my wall as I’ve already got a few canvases and I love them because they just brighten the room up. This particular canvas would look lovely on my wall during summer as that’s the time when most people go to the beach. 

Set of 3 Wax Filled Jars £10

How could I not include these three adorable candles which say “sandy toes & sunny kisses”, “gone to the beach” & “you, me and the sea”. I just think that these are really cute and would look great on a window seal or ledge in my room. I also like the fact that these candles are in a jar which means that the wax doesn’t go everywhere. 

Beach Words Print Cushion £12 

Now every girl loves to buy cushions to accessorise their bed with don’t they?? This one caught my eye as it’s such a lovely cushion but it also has words which remind me of the beach which brings back lovely memories of my childhood. 

Distressed Wood Shelf Frame £45

This shelf would be perfect to place all of my summer nail polishes on or to just place little bits and bobs on it. Either way I really like this shelf because it’s like two in one first of all you can place photos of you and your friends and then you can place either your keys or something else onto the shelf. 

Collage Photoline £22

Collages are always a nice little touch to add to your room as they look pretty & cute but they also allow you to post some of your favorite photos. I also think that photo lines are a chic and glamorous way to make your bedroom special but keeping it tidy and organised too. 

I hope you liked my Next homeware wishlist I’d really like to purchase some of these items when i eventually get around to re-decorating my room!!

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