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March 11, 2014

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes £1.99

The Good

Today’s post is a review about the Simple facial wipes that I use. I’ve used these wipes for quite a while now and I really love them. I used to use the Nivea facial wipes when they ran out I decided to try something new so I chose these Simple ones instead. What I love about Simple products is that they are 100% perfume free. They thoroughly & gently cleanses,tones & freshens your skin without drying it out. It removes all make-upWith added moisturises to leave your skin feeling soft & smooth.

As I’ve said before when reviewing previous Simple products I love the price of most of their products because they’re reasonable and can be picked up in any drugstore/high street store. I’ve also seen pretty good reviews on these facial wipes so I thought I would try them out myself. Isn’t it crazy how we become influenced by something written by someone else leading us to eventually purchasing that specific product because we wanted to try it out for ourselves. 

The Bad

There’s only one or two bad points that come to mind when I think of this product one being that they should have more wipes in one packet because I go through one packet quite quickly!! Another negative point is that they dry up quite quickly which can  be a pain if you’re in need of a wipe and they’ve all dried up. The last negative point is that these facial wipes claim to remove “eye make-up” however it takes me several attempts before the whole of it is removed.

Overall Opinion

I’d consider re-purchasing these if these were on offer again this is because I personally think that you can pick much better quality facial wipes for the exact same price or even cheaper!! However I’m glad that I tried them out as they’re aren’t bad for your skin and defiantly won’t irritate it or break you out once you use them.

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