Wishlist Mid-Week #3 Chi Chi Edition ♥

April 30, 2014

Here are a few beautiful dresses that I’d love to purchase for a special occasion. I hope you like this post and if you own any of these products or own any of the dresses I’d love to know how they looked on you please leave a comment down below!! 

From left to right 
Chi Chi Paris Dress £43.99

This dress is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for a evening cocktail party or just a normal party. It’s exactly the same to the Megan dress but in different colour I really love it and it would also be a great date dress. 

Chi Chi Renesmee Dress £64.99

This dress reminds of a Parisian princess it is so eye capturing and beautiful. I would love to wear this to a wedding as it’s also a unique dress with a lovely pattern on it. I also love the length of it as it’s quite flattering and not too short.

Chi Chi Madison Dress £54.99

This Madison dress is really flattering around your waist line because it pulls it in and makes it look great. I also think this would be perfect to wear during the day because it doesn’t look as formal as some of the other dresses. 

Chi Chi Megan Dress £34.99 was £43.99

This dress is perfect for a day date as the colour of it would suite more during the day. I think that it would be a great outfit to wear to a wedding also because it’s not out there so you’re defiantly not going to upstage the bride but you might turn some heads because I’m sure you’ll look absolutely beautiful.

I hope you liked my not so mid-week wishlist I’d really like to purchase some of these items. Keep a look out for next weeks wishlist which will go up every Wednesday.

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