My 100th Post ♥

April 17, 2014

Wow I’ve managed to write 100 posts I never thought I’d get this far considering I gave up my first ever blog after a month. I’m so proud of myself for carrying on with this one as it’s opened many doors for me & I’m sure it will continue to open many more. I’ve reached so many goals that I’d set myself and also ones I never thought that I had here’s a few..

– I’ve reached 50 followers on my blog

– I’ve reached 100 views

– I have 100 followers on Bloglovin 

– I’ve reached over 100 views on my YouTube

– I cannot believe I’ve managed to reach over 10,000 views on my blog (a goal I never thought I would be able to reach)

– I’ve been asked to review a product by a company (That’s just crazy)

I guess I’d just like to say a massive Thank You to all of you who read my blog or watch my Youtube videos. Each and every one of you have helped my blog grow without you guys non of this would of ever been possible. This whole internet world for me is a big team effort because I write posts & produce videos for you guys and you guys read & watch them. Without one or the other the whole thing wouldn’t work on their own as well as they do together. 

If I have one piece of advice for all of you bloggers who are just starting out or have been blogging for a long time and you’re not quite seeing the results that you wanted KEEP ON GOING!! If you stop then you’ll regret it like I did when I shut down my first blog which is why I started this blog. 

I’m so glad that I decided to start writing a blog again because it’s honestly one of the best things about my life. I love having a place on the internet to talk about whatever. I love how bloggers all stick together and support one another through thick and thin. 

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