Throwback Thursday…

April 24, 2014

Seeing as I haven’t posted in a few days I’ve decided to share with you on this lovely evening some snapshots of my life. I thought that I would do a “Throwback Thursday” style collage and talk you through each one. 

Top LeftThis was taken in 2009 when me & my family along with one of my best friends went to Portugal for a Summer holiday. It was an absolutely brilliant holiday and so many memories were made throughout the week that we were out there. I love this view because it’s so breathtaking the whole of the hotel has amazing views of the beach and sea. Imagine waking up to this view every morning you’d feel so blessed and inspired to have a good day!!

Top Middle – This was taken last Winter around Christmas time at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London. Each year during the Winter season an amazing theme park sort of attraction plots itself in Hyde Park near Hyde Park Corner it’s filled with amazing food, drinks & rides. I love going there each year because it really gets you into that Christmas spirit. 

Top Right – This was taken last summer in my dads garden when my dogs were no doubt getting up to some sort of mischievous things. They’re becoming quite funny as each week they tend to get up to something or the other. I love them so much and can’t quite imagine life without them sometimes they do horrible things like bring in something dead which isn’t nice. However you tend to overlook these things and just love them because they’re crazy and so lovable.  

Middle Left – This was taken last year around March time when I took a trip to Covent Garden which I have to say is such a fun and exciting place to spend an afternoon. If you’re ever in London then defiantly go and check out Covent Garden because it’s a real gem. There’s often quite a few street artists who always brighten up your day not to mention all of the great restaurants and shops.

Middle – This was taken a couple of years ago when I took a trip to the Harry Potter Studios here in the UK. I absolutely loved it as I’m a fan of the old Harry Potter movies. It was so interesting to see how they made the movies and all of the props that went with it. It’s a great day out with the family as the staff there are very family friendly. 

Middle Right – This is a photo taken on the night of my school prom back in 2012. I can remember this photo being taken like it was yesterday me & my best friend whose in the photo with me had an amazing night. Some advice for all of you who haven’t had your proms yet make the most of it from the moment you wake up on prom day to the moment you sleep. Also take bucket loads of photos to remember the night I kind of wish I took more but hey ho!!

Bottom Left – Again featuring my beautiful best friend this photo was taken on one of our first outings together. We were in a shop with her mum who was taking a little longer than normal to shop (we’ve all done it before). It was a hot day and we were pretty bored so what do you do? Take a photo!! I’m so glad that we did because now we have about 10 different memories from this day that we can both remember from this one photo. 

Bottom Middle – I love this photo as it was taken in Lille in the North of France. I went there in November 2012 with my Sixth Form for a language trip. It was such a great day out despite all of the travelling we all had a lovely time. I do love a bit of French architecture I think that some of the buildings in France are so beautiful and should be snapped up like this photo so that you can remember how beautiful they were.  

Bottom Right – This last photo was taken at the Harry Potter Studios I wonder if anyone recognizes it? Yes it is indeed Number 4 Privet Drive which is featured in most of the Harry Potter movies. I was lucky enough to take a photo right outside of it which is at the Studio lot. I loved the fact that it’s a life size house and isn’t just a cardboard box cut out!! 

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