18th Birthday Wishlist

May 12, 2014

If you read my last post then you will know that my birthday is coming up it’s on the 28th of May which is only a few weeks away. I thought that I would share with you guys  what I would like for my birthday this year especially as it’s a special one. As you can probably see most of the items that I would like are more on the lifestyle side this is because at the moment I’m re-decorating my room and I would love to purchase some of these things to add to it. 

Converse All Star Low White Canvas £44.99

If you have Tumblr you will understand where I’m coming from if not then I’ll explain. During the summer months on Tumblr which is basically all year round I often see photos of beautiful girls wearing denim shorts and clean white converse. Now because these girls are usually tanned they really go well with the whole outfit. I defiantly want to get these as my red ones that I own now need time off because they have been worn to death. I love how converse are so versatile you can wear them with almost anything even dresses if you’re that type of girl which I am. 

Oval Jewellery Tray £12

I actually don’t want to purchase this tray for the purpose that it has been made I’d love to use it as my perfume tray instead of jewellery as I don’t own or use jewellery much. I think that this tray with perfumes on it would look great but it would also be brilliant as a backdrop for some of my blog posts. 

Medium Metal Lantern £35

I love lighting a candle and I’m also very clumsy which could result in me knocking a candle over by accident. By getting this lantern I am able to light a candle without it being very dangerous because this lantern is too big to miss. I really like Moroccan lamps as they remind me of the amazing memories that I have when I went to Morocco back in 2012. I also think that they are glamorous, simple but beautiful they add that shabby chic to your room. 

Heart Collage Frame £20

At the moment my walls are very plain which is okay but it’s also quite dull I’d love to decorate them with photos of friends and family. This collage frame really appealed to me because it’s cute but also a really good price for the size of it. I think that it would fit perfectly into my room as it’s white and different because the photos are different shapes and sizes.

Heart Candle Tray £20

I would like to put this tray on top of my bedside table as it would look great as a backdrop for some of my photos for my blog. It will also be useful for me as I can light candles safely and enjoy them at the same time too. I love the actual candle holders I think that they are really chic and add a spot of colour to the room. 

Despicable Me/Despicable Me 2 £17

absolutely love Despicable me I think I’ve watched both of them about a million times (no joke). I love Agnes she’s so adorable & cute I just love her one liners like “OMG it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”. I really want to get both of the films so that I can watch them all the time even when I’m unable to go onto the internet to watch them.

Acrylic 5 drawer box £24.95

I would really like to purchase one or two of these draws to place all of my make-up in as at the moment I’m using old food containers (glamorous I know). These are often seen on various blog posts or YouTube as many beauty bloggers/Youtubers use them to store their make-up. I love how easy they are to organize and they will defiantly work well in my room as they are a clear material. 


You’re probably wondering why “Superdrug” is on my wishlist well there is not really anything specific  beauty wise that I really want. So I thought that I’d include this in my wish-list to remind me just to go into the store and have a look around with no intention of purchasing a specific things. I find that this will open my mind to any product really and hopefully it will encourage me to try brands and products that I have never tired before!!


I find that you go through phases when it comes to birthdays some you find that you need/want certain products and others you have no clue what you want. On this occasion I don’t really have anything in mind what I want or need in fact and being given money is just as good as a present because it gives you the freedom to purchase what you want.

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