Blogs I’ve been loving recently #1

May 27, 2014

In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you 5 blogs that I have been recently loving and that I follow here on blogger. I follow around 200-250 blogs here on blogger so there’s plenty of new blogs to share with you guys. I hope you like the first installment of this series and keep a watch out for future posts like this.

Birds Words

I’ve been following Beth ever since I started blogging I found her blog through a friend and I’m so pleased I did. Beth blogs about the same subjects that I blog about such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I really enjoy reading her blog as she really puts a lot of effort and time into her posts. I also like the way that she captures her images of products as they’re often original and unique. 


I love watching Suzie’s YouTube videos as well as reading her blog. This is because first of all she’s naturally beautiful and she creates lovely blog posts which I love reading. I love her eye for detail as her photography skills are pretty good. Apart from her beauty posts and video Suzie also does weekly vlogs which are great to watch when you’re having a rough day. 


Next up is Corrie who is your typical girly girl she has amazing long brown hair and produces some amazing material on her blog. I’ve watched her blog and youtube channel grow and grow over these past few months and she’s quite an inspirational person for me. I’d love to be as successful as her in the future and I just can’t wait to see what Corrie produces in the future.


I honestly can’t wait for Celine’s new blog posts as I read each and everyone. I really like it when she changes the design of her blog as it often gives me inspiration for my own blog design. I like how her blog has lots of variety such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. I love how friendly Celine comes across in her posts and videos.

Maddy who writes UNSTITCHEDD is only 15 but very talented she always makes sure that her blog posts are of a high standard. She has done so well for herself considering how young she is and I can see she will be even more successful in the future. Her blog design is simple but effective as it focuses you attention to her posts instead of the design. 

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