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May 17, 2014

For today’s post I’m going to be reviewing three of Impulse’s body sprays. I’ve always liked these particular body sprays as they’re easy to transport around with you as they can just be popped into your bag. I also like the design of them as each one has a different design which is related to the name of the spray. However I think they have re-designed all of the bottles to make them look similar to one and another. 

Impulse Hint Of Musk Body Spray £0.98 was £1.99

First of all this body spray is “a blend of lime, jasmine & wood scents” when you first spray it come across as very overpowering. I don’t particularly like this one as it reminds me of something that a person much older than me would use. Sometimes when I do use it and accidentally spray way too much I begin to cough because it’s a strong scent. I don’t think I would purchase this one again as the smell isn’t to my taste and it’s probably the least favourite of mine. 

Impulse City Collection New York

Secondly this body spay was part of a collection I was meaning to pick up the whole collection but I just haven’t had a chance to pick up any of the others. In this spray is “a blend of apple, red fruit and jasmine notes” I really like this spray and I actually have two of them. It’s such a lovely smell which would be great to use for just about any occasion. 

Impulse True Love Body Spray £0.98 was £1.99

Last of all is this true love spray which is “a blend of freesias, muguet and amber notes”. I think out of all three this is defiantly my favourite one I love how sweet the smell is. I would defiantly wear this on a date or a special day. It’s one of those scents that will make people ask “what are you wearing?”. My one is almost empty which is kind of sad but at least it gives me a reason to purchase another one. 

Overall I love the Impulse body sprays I would like to try some of the other scents. They’re perfect to use instead of a perfume as they’re easier to carry around and they can be more effective. I also love how reasonably priced they are which means you can pick up a couple at a time. I would defiantly recommend these to younger girls as they’re more suitable for them but nowadays I find that many of my friends still use them.

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