CK Summer & Adore by Next First Impressions

May 20, 2014

Today I’m going to be sharing with you two of my newest perfumes. The first one from Next I picked up myself as I was already purchasing some other things in Next for a friends birthday. However the second one was given to me by my dad as a gift as he recently went on holiday. I love perfumes and I’m beginning to have quite a collection I don’t really use them much as I like to wear them on the weekends and on special occasions. I normally just use body sprays during the week because they’re just as good.

Next Adore Eau De Toilette £10

First of all I adore the bottle that this perfume comes in it screams out glamour and sophistication. This perfume has a floral & golden amber scent which is perfect for a date or just a day out with your friends. So far I haven’t even got through 1/3 of the bottle which I’m pleased with as I love the scent and I could wear it all day every day. I would defiantly re-purchase this again as it’s an all round amazing perfume for only £10!!

Calvin Klein One Summer £25.50 was £32

Secondly this perfume that was given to me by my dad is a little stronger than the Next one. I really like it also and I can’t wait until I have more time to wear it as at the moment I’m not really going out on the weekends as much due to coursework. This perfume has a mixture of colorful citrus scents along with other summer scents such as exotic tequila and hydrating coconut water. I tend not to spray as much of this on me as other perfumes as it can sometimes be overwhelming and too strong.

At this moment in time I would defiantly re-purchase both of these products again as they’re both reasonably priced and good quality products. However my decision may change over time depending on what I like at the time. I can’t wait to use these more as I feel I haven’t had a chance to wear them as much as I could have these past few weeks.

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