Wishlist Mid-Week #4

June 4, 2014

So for this week’s mid-week wishlist I gone down the more pink and blue route. I really love some of the products that I’ve chosen and I’m hoping to pick a few of them up in the near future.

Florence Floral Bomber Jacket £20

First of all this bomber jacket really appealed to me because it’s floral and brightly colored. Normally I wouldn’t go for anything as bright as this however I think that it would look lovely with a simple plain colored dress or shorts. I also think that the price of it is reasonable as it’s from Boohoo who are known for their reasonably priced clothing. 

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Cream Wash £4.49
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub £4.95

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of spots due to exam stress and deadlines at Sixth form. I would really like to purchase both of these products to see if they suit my skin type. Throughout life you’ll find products that agree with your skin and products that don’t agree it’s your job to find out which products do and don’t agree with your skin. I really like the Neutrogena skin care line as I’ve found that their past products have agreed with my skin rather well.

Nadia Contrast Strappy Sandals In Black £24.99

I’ve always wanted a pair of sandals like these as I think they come across as simple but elegant. I love how they’re black and white which means that you can pair them with almost anything. You can also either dress these type of shoes up or down depending on what you’re going to be doing. Another reason why I’d like to purchase these is because they’re in at the moment and everyone seems to love them.

Blue Floral Border Print Waterfall Jacket £50

I’ve always loved waterfall jackets especially in summer because they keep you warm at night but they also keep you cool. I have two a pink one and a black and white one and I find that I wear them more in the summer. Especially because I go to a Sixth form so I have to wear formal wear and these type of jackets keep me cool in summer but look formal. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Edition Eau de Toilette  £39.86 was £44.50

I’ve always wanted a Marc Jacobs perfume mainly because of the design of the bottles. I think that they are so cute and pretty and they would stand out among my perfume collection. I’ve also seen many good reviews about this perfume which makes me want to purchase it even more.

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