#2014BloggerChallenge No.11

July 3, 2014

For the eleventh post of #2014bloggerchallenge we have been asked to share with you something in relation to a collection of some sort. I have decided to do my Nail Polish collection + storage as I know lots of people love to read posts like this.

For the #2014bloggerchallenge you have to write a blog post twice a month which will be about different topics. all the posts will go live during the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. The topics are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn’t normally write about. 

Nail Varnish Storage Holder £8.99

So first of all I got this storage holder on Amazon which was originally around £4. I’ve found it really useful as before I had this I stored my nail varnishes in a biscuit tin. I love how it’s a clear material which means that it will go with any decorations in a room. It has 3 rows which should in total fit around 30 nail polish bottles. I like to organise my nail varnishes in terms of brand and shape. As you can see I put all of my Barry M, Rimmel & Champney’s  nail polishes together. I then put all the nail varnishes which are of the same shape together so that it looks neat and tidy. 

Turquoise 295 is a great colour to wear during the spring and summer because it’s bright, eye capturing and brightens up any outfit. Raspberry 273 I love to wear this Barry M nail varnish during the Autumn and Winter months as it’s a dark colour but not too dark. This colour to me symbolises warmth, Christmas and a homely  feel. Shocking Pink 272 in addition to Turquoise 295 is also a perfect colour to wear whilst on holiday or sunbathing at the beach. It’s a hot pink nail polish which would go well with a white dress or jeans and a plain top. These are all £2.99 and can be found at your local high-street store such as Superdrug or Boots. 

I got this Champneys Spa Nail Polish Collection which priced at around £10.00 from my mum one time. I really liked the colours of these nail polishes and still do however the strength of them is low. This means that you have to coat your nails with the polish 2/3 times before it looks full. I always think that nail polish collections are a safe present to get someone as they’re always useful.

Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Topcoat is a great topcoat for a reasonable price. I always use it after I have applied my nail polish as I like it to last a long time. The Disco Ball 500 £2.99 is a great nail polish to use when you want to mix up your nail polish. I personally like to use it on my ring finger. The Portobello Pink 230 is one which I like to take on holiday as it’s a quick drying one but also because of the size of it. I love using the Pink Punk 289 during special occasions as it’s a princess kind of pink.

Essie Watermelon 127 £7.99 is a high quality nail polish which lasts a long time and even longer when you use a top coat. I always use this one on holiday as my nail polish tends to come off easier when I’m in and out of the pool. Kiko Nail polish is a bright blue and green colour which I brought a while a go and I haven’t actually used it in a while.This Monsoon Nail polish is a basic colour which is great for those days where you don’t make an effort but still want to put something on your nails. The Estee Lauder nail polish that I have reminds me of old fashion Hollywood glamour. I can just imagine the women wearing this nail varnish with bright red lips and gorgeous curly hair.

Barbara Daly Nail polish is another pink which is pretty and is a mixture between purple and pink. I actually got the  Colgate Nail polish when I purchased some toothpaste one time. I really like this one because its of a good quality and is pretty luminous and bold. The Glee Nail polish I have yet to try as we are now in the summer months and this colour suits the winter months more. 

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