Mid-Week #8 | River Island

August 13, 2014

For today’s Mid-Week wishlist I decided to share with you guys four items that I’d like to purchase from River Island’s New Season collection. As a young women I love looking a the new collections of clothing that brands put together as each new season approaches. However sometimes these collections can make me want to purchase all of the items and others only a few. This time I only became drawn to a small amount of items as most of the other items were too bold or not my type of clothing. 

Black & White Dogtooth Cigarette Trousers £40

In one of my other mid-week wishlist I had a pair of trousers which were similar to these ones but they were from H&M and a slightly different pattern. I really love trousers like these as they’re extremely comfortable and suitable for me to wear to my sixth form as well as on a daily basis. I think that £40 for them is a little pricey however I know that they would be a really good quality so I would be willing to pay for them as they’re from River Island.

Gold Tone Leaf Stretch Bracelet £5

If I’m honest I am not a fan of jewellery although I have a good amount of it I find that I hardly wear it. I think that I would wear this bracelet on a night out especially if I’m on holiday as It’s quite easy to pair with an outfit. I also think that for £5 it’s a pretty good price considering it’s from River Island and not Primark!! 

Light Wash Ripped Boyfriend Jeans £45

I’ve always wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans & I’m yet to own a pair. I usually stick to either skinny jeans or jeggings as I find them most comfortable. They also fit my figure better which is why I never venture out of these two jeans categories. I’ve seen many bloggers/youtubers & celebs these days wearing them which has risen my curiosity as to why they’re so popular.

Grey Abstract Print Oversized T-Shirt £36

Last of all is this oversized t-shirt which really appealed to me as I’m going through a phase of wearing leggings with long tops. It’s so different from the other long tops that I own which are just plain colours. This is a perfect top for all seasons as it can be layered up during the cold months & worn on its own with leggings or shorts during the hot months. 

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