Blogs I’ve been loving recently #2

September 4, 2014

In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you 5 blogs that I have been recently loving and that I follow here on blogger. I follow around 200-250 blogs here on blogger so there’s plenty of new blogs to share with you guys. I hope you like the second installment of this series and keep a watch out for future posts like this.


If any of you guys have seen my August Favourites then you will know who this lovely lady is her name is Victoria and she makes youtube videos and also blogs. I love watching her youtube videos however I also adore reading her blog you can see that she puts a lot of effort into her posts. From her photography to the words she uses I always like to see her new posts as they can be either a fashion, beauty, travel or lifestyle related post. In addition to this I like how easy her blog is to navigate around as it’s not confusing at all. 


Next of all is Hayleys blog “Hey Sparkle” I’ve chosen this blog because of the way that Hayley takes her photographs is different compared to other bloggers. Her photographs are always so clear and of a high quality which is great for a reader because you can see the product or photograph the way that they actually are. When Hayley reviews a product she makes sure to cover all aspects of it without producing a long post which I like. She always provides swatches which is a great thing for a reader to see because you can see the real colour of the product.

Sweet Dreams

Alexandra is another person who I’ve followed since I first started blogging I’ve seen her blog grow and develop. Sweet Dreams has been a great inspiration for myself as a blogger but also as a designer for my blog. The blog posts on Sweet Dreams are always either short or mid length with a couple of long posts in between. I like this idea of mixing up the posts rather than just posting short or long posts. This keeps the reader interested and makes the layout of the bog more intriguing. I love that her blog is a balanced mix between beauty and lifestyle as I enjoy reading both genres. 

A Little Dust

Abi’s blog was one of the first blogs that I ever came across when I first discovered the world of blogging. Ever since then I’ve followed her because of the way she structures her posts her photos are always so clear. You can clearly see the amount of effort that Abi puts into her blog/posts and youtube videos which has obviously paid off as she has over 600 followers on bloglovin. Her blog design is very simple but also quite girly which I like. I’m also a great fan of Abi’s photography which she shares on her Tumblr. She’s a very talented photographer which is something that I aspire to develop as a skill one day. 

Lipgloss and Lashes

Last of all is Becky’s blog whom mostly posts about all things beauty along with a few fashion/lifestyle posts along the way. I really look up to Becky’s blog and hope that my blog will become as successful as hers in the future. She can make a simple post such as a blog sale so interesting to read this is probably due to the amount of effort and time she puts into her photography. Becky’s swatches are my favourite as she never fails to portray the actual product she does this by using a fair amount of product as a swatch instead of a tiny line or dot. 

So as you can probably tell a big theme throughout this blog post is photography or the way that a blogger takes their photos. I’m a big fan of photography and if a blog has good photos then I’m more likely to follow them and enjoy their blog more. You can tell a lot about a blogger by their photography skills I think it enables you to see how much time & effort they put into their posts & blog. 

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