The Impact Technology Has On Fashion In Today’s Society

September 20, 2014

Nowadays I spend hours on end on social media, electronics and the internet like most of the people in today’s society. However I’ve never considered how the changes in technology over the past few years has affected the fashion industry that we know today. Have you ever realised without the technology that we have today the fashion industry could be completely different. 

River Island App

We are now able to shop for clothes using apps on our phones this gives me as a customer more freedom and flexibility to shop wherever I want. These shopping apps are a lot more simpler to use than the websites as they can sometimes be confusing and complex to grasp. Technology has enabled individual brands to create their own app which allows a wider range of audience to purchase and browse their products or service. 

Polyvore App

 This app allows you to create your perfect outfit without having to go onto a million clothing sites. You can incorporate different clothing items to create a collage of your choice. It then allows you to actually purchase these items by listing them, their price and where you can buy them down below. 

Vinted App

Vinted is an app which allows you to post images of your clothes, shoes or accessories. You can then choose to “Sell” or “Trade” them depending on what you want to do. Selling them means you get money for your clothing item where as trading them means you get something in return for the same amount of price.

The software that I want to talk about today is called Find Similar I know that there are many different apps/software that helps you discover fashion in various ways such as buying it without having to go to the shop or designing your own item or clothing. However Find Similar allows you to take a photo of an item of clothing from anywhere such as a magazine and then it searches for a similar item for you. This software is provided by Cortexica you can access the software in the Style Thief app. 

I decided to try out the app myself first of all I decided that I would use a picture from tumblr which was from London Fashion Week. I then uploaded it onto the app and decided that I would have it 50/50 for texture and colour. Obviously you can change if you want the items to have a similar colour to the item in your image or the same texture or in the middle like me. It then came up with 36 results which are pretty similar to the dress that I had picked. 

I really loved using this software as it was so easy to use and I defiantly know I’ll be using it more in the future. I know that this software will make looking for that perfect dress so much easier and it’s also fun to see the results. I love how interactive it is and really gives you as the user more freedom and choice as to what you want to find. 

We often see clothes that celebrities wear which is probably out of our price range this software finds an alternative which is similar but much more affordable for us. In a society like we have today this software is incredibly impacting especially within the fashion industry it opens a whole new concept when it comes to shopping or browsing clothes, accessories and shoes. 


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