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October 18, 2014

Hey guys so today I thought that it’s time to go back to basics meaning a good old review. I’m sure almost everyone knows who Zoe Sugg or “Zoella” is if not then here’s a bit of background. Zoe is a blogger/youtuber who started her blog “Zoella” back in 2009 along with her youtube channel. Since then she has achieved many amazing things such as reaching over 6 million subscribers on her channel and over 64 thousand followers on her blog, being on Loose women & This Morning  (UK TV programs), releasing her own beauty range, writing a book and having her own advert which has been featured on billboards & TV. 

I recently went into good old Superdrug where I finally saw some of Zoe’s beauty products as I had been hunting for them for quite a while. I was immediately surprised and pleased with the size of them as I had imagined them to be much smaller. After looking around Superdrug for the things that I had come in to get I decided to purchase two of her products the “Bath Soak & Shower Cream” & “Zoella Fizz Bar“. 

Zoella Beauty Bath Soak & Shower Cream £5

First of all the price of this product is pretty amazing considering the size of it. I also like the fact that even though Zoe is one of the most famous blogger’s/youtubers she hasn’t forgotten that the majority of her views/readers wouldn’t be able to afford expensive products. I think that she really thought through the price of them as she is known for shopping in high-street stores and hardly in high-end stores. 

I really love the packaging as they’re all really pretty and would make any bathroom look like a luxury spa. It’s nice to see that as well as the packaging, product and price Zoe’s also put her little touch on the information at the back with lines such as “Beauty in a bottle” & “Say hello to your new bubbly bestie“. Throughout Zoe’s beauty range the theme is a floral scent which “calms the senses“. This scent is neither overpowering nor unrecognisable which is great as it suits everyone. 

Overall I’m defiantly going to be purchasing more of Zoe’s beauty range as they are right up my street. I’d really like to purchase the body lotion, candle, and the Zoella eyes beauty bag. I think that Zoe has done a fantastic job at designing, creating and producing these products as she’s really thought of her target audience. I love how she’s kept them simple but with a luxury twist along with the incredible prices you can purchase everything for only £36 excluding both beauty bags. If you haven’t already defiantly go and purchase some of Zoe’s products or even just take a look at them.

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