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November 18, 2014

Hey guys first of all I’m so sorry that I haven’t uploaded a blog post in a week I’ve been super busy with coursework, school work and work in general. Anyways I’m back now with a super exciting blog post I was recently contacted by the lovely Korrie who is the outreach coordinator for Dailylook. If you don’t already know what Dailylook is then it’s a website that provides all of the latest fashion trends in addition to this you’ll all be pleased to know that they do ship to the UK which is always a bonus as many American online shops don’t. 

The reason that Korrie got in touch with me is because she would like me to take part in Dailylooks LBD from Day to Night challenge!”. I obviously agreed to take part straight away as I’ve always heard about Dailylook and to be offered the chance to work with them is pretty cool. So I guess now you’re all wondering what does this challenge consist of the whole point is to create an outfit which involves a little black dress from their collection which you can find here. You must then transition this outfit from day to night using the same black dress I think that this challenge is particularly fun to do at this time of the year as the party season is upon us and nothing beats a LBD. 

I used their “style sets” in order to create the looks it was such a simple program to use as I just had to add the items that I had chosen onto either a template or background. You can also add additional things such as icons and text which will enhance your creation even more. Once you have finished your design you can either choose to post it just as an image and list the items like I have done or it will list them for you!!

Beautysets - Day Look

Day Look

This is my chosen day time outfit I decided to keep it cosy but fashionable at the same time as It’s an outfit that I’d definitely wear myself. I didn’t want to put together an outfit which was only fashionable as I know myself I don’t usually stick to what’s fashionable in the winter being warm is my priority!! I am a sucker for sticking to dark colours during the winter which is why I added a few colourful items such as the ring & watch to brighten up the outfit.

RAGA x DAILYLOOK Lace Fit and Flare Dress $59.99
Finders Keepers Careless Love Tweed Coat $208.99
Circus by Sam Edelman Holt Booties $99.99
Classic Simple Strap Watch $12.95 was $24.99
Sleek Divider Handbag $54.99
Solitaire Crystal Ring $5.95 was $9.99

Beautysets - Night Look

Night Look

I have then transitioned this outfit from day to night where I added items such as heels and a bracelet to make the outfit more suitable for the night time. Whenever I go out I love to show off the features that I feel most comfortable with which are my legs. That is why I have chosen these amazing boots to go along with 

RAGA x DAILYLOOK Lace Fit and Flare Dress $59.99
Sleek Divider Handbag $54.99
Heart Soul Patricia Heel $42.95 was $99.99
Solitaire Crystal Ring $5.95 was $9.99
Natalie B Ava Cuff Bracelet $98.99

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Dailylook for considering me for this challenge I’ve had such fun creating these two looks and I can’t wait until party season now. I’d love to purchase some of their items in the future as there is just so much to offer and in many colours too!!

What’s your favourite LBD from Dailylook’s collection?

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