Asia Jade’s Winter Wonderblog 2014!

November 19, 2014

Hey guys so today’s announcement is also pretty exciting I have decided to bring back my Winter Wonderblog series!! If you don’t already know what this is then it’s where I upload either a post or video every other day for a whole month relating to Christmas or winter. I have decided to run this series from 25th November – 25th December. 

I also know that last years one was not the best if I’m honest and the reasons for this were because I was still new at blogging and I also went on holiday before so I couldn’t upload anymore (I had not discovered scheduling at that point). I can promise you now that this years one is going to be miles better. I am going to be uploading a mixture of topics such as lifestyle, beauty and fashion so I hope you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions for post or video ideas then please let me know all ideas are welcome as sometimes I can run out of ideas myself.

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