WWB 2014 #9 – Christmas Day Festivities

December 25, 2014

Hey guys so I wanted to upload a post today to share with you guys what I did today but I also wanted to use it as a chance to say Merry Christmas to you guys!! So first of all this year I spent Christmas day at my dads which I usually spend every other year as my parents are split up.

I woke up around 9am which gave me a chance to have a cup of tea and get dressed before we had bacon sandwiches. We then usually wait until around 10am for my sister, her fiancee and two children to come round before we all open our presents together. When my sister turned up we all made our way into the living room where Santa had left lots of presents for my two nephews. We were then allowed to open our presents I usually go for the ones which are closest and then make my way through the rest. 

This year I received lots of body products, make-up,driving lessons, money and clothes along with other items such as the new Taylor Swift & Olly Murs albums & The Fault In Our Stars DVD. I shall be reviewing some of these items in the future (so keep an eye out). I am so thankful for everything that I have received as I didn’t really have a main present in mind for myself this year. After we opened all of our presents and cleared up the piles of wrapping paper scattered around the living room we all started to do our own thing for a little bit. 

After a few hours of playing with my nephews, watching TV and generally just lazing around I was beginning to get quite hungry. We then had our first course which was a choice of prawn cocktail, paté or a choice of two soups. I went for the paté which was  delicious I had about 10,000 rolls with it too (No joke…). Fast forward a few more hours later we all sat down to a turkey dinner to die for with all of the trimmings I was so full by the end of it I didn’t even eat any pudding (which is unlike me). Once we had all finished our dinner my sister and her fiancée got ready to leave as it was near the kid’s bedtimes. I helped clean up and then had a nice relaxing bath which was followed by more chocolate consuming, TFIOS dvd & writing up this blog post. 

I hope all of you have had a lovely Christmas spent with loved ones and filled with joy and laughter!! I now cannot wait to spend new years eve/day with my best friend & her family. I’m hoping to get an earlyish night as me, my dad & brothers are going to a football match tomorrow which is always boxing day tradition for us. Now that this year’s Christmas day has almost passed I am super excited for the next as I’ll be in New York City next year until the 26th.

So that’s day nine of Asia Jade’s WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. I had a really relaxed, fun and enjoyable day today as it was spent just with family which gave us all a chance to catch up with each other and just enjoy each others company.

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