Jack Wills – Weekend Essentials Overview

January 25, 2015

Jack Wills Fabulous Weekend Essentials £19.50 was £65

Hey guys so first of all Happy Sunday today I am going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the Jack Wills Essentials. 


Gym bag

Hope Cove Body Mist

Hope Cove Body Butter

Hope Cove Body Wash

Hope Cove Body Lotion

Hope Cove Hand Cream

Hope Cove Body Scrub

Water Bottle

Body Polisher

I got this as a Christmas present from some family members and I was quite pleased when I saw it as it had so much inside of it. It’s definitely a great essential bag to take away with you on a weekend away or a holiday as it has all of the things you need. I’m also a fan of the packaging as it’s simple but catches your eye at the same time. 

Also you get a free bag too which is a great size to take for a night at a friends house or if you’re a light packer then a weekend away. I don’t think I would have brought this myself as it’s quite expensive at £65 at it’s highest however I’m thankful that I was given it as a present as I can now try them all out.

What do you think of it? Would you buy it yourself?

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