Wishlist | The If I Were To Spend Money #1

January 28, 2015

So as some of you guys may already know I am definitely trying to save up on money this year so I thought that I would still do wishlists. However I thought that I would do ones if I were to spend money instead of a normal wishlist. I hope you like this idea I’m hoping that by saying “if I were to spend” it will help me to spend less? I don’t know it’s just something I came up with in my mind…..

Zoella Just Say Yes Beauty Bag £7 was £8

I have yet to purchase any of Zoe’s beauty bags however this one is definitely my favourite now out of all three designs. I really love the colours and the motivational saying on the front. I think that they’re a great size from what I’ve seen whilst taking a look at them in store. I have also seen many great reviews of these beauty bags so I really want to pick myself up one. I’m hoping to get one for my birthday in May as it would be a nice gift to recieve.

Taylor Swift Incredible things 30ml £23

I put my hands up because I mostly want this perfume because of the design of it but also because I’ve never actually purchased a Taylor Swift perfume. I also think that it’s a really reasonable price and would fit perfectly in your handbag so you can refresh yourself when you’re out and about. Maybe this will be another thing that I’ll ask for my birthday too as perfume is usually one of the things I get.

Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques 101 Triangle Foundation £22

Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques 100 Arched Powder £25

Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques Tapered Blush £24

I already own some of the Real Techniques original brushes which are pretty good. I’ve heard amazing things about these ones they look good and I’ve been watching tutorials online which show how good they really are. However the price of them is a little high so I don’t think I’ll be buying some any time soon. The gold & rose gold ones are the ones I’d probably pick up as I don’t really apply anything to my eyes. I think if they were on offer I’d pick them up but I’m quite happy with the brushes that I own already at the moment.

Minnie Mouse Slogan Mug £8

As some of you may know I am a big fan of anything Disney whether it be their movies, music, merchandise or their parks I love it all!! So when I saw this mug recently in the Disney store I slightly fell in love first of all it’s a rather large mug which takes my fancy. As I love having cups of tea and I cannot have them in a small mug because it’s gone in about 5 minutes. Also it’s just a super cute cup so it would be nice to add it to my mug collection.

The Glam Guide Fleur De Force £10.49

Fleur is probably one of my favourite blogger/youtubers out there I love how down to earth she is. You can tell how much work she puts into her blog posts & videos as they never fail to disappoint. Fleur is a country girl which I also like as I grew up in the country so I love watching her vlogs. I was super happy when I found out that she was coming out with a book too. Fleurs book reminds me of Lauren Conrad’s books a little and I love them. 

Title Meghan Trainor £8 was £9

Last of all is this CD by Meghan I’ve been listening to her music a lot recently. Her songs “Lips Are Movin” & “Dear Future Husband” are really good so I cannot wait to see what else her album holds. I think that Meghan is truly talented despite what some people think. I’m definitely going to download this soon when I feel like it’s okay to treat myself as it’s not much as I’ve purchased a few of her songs on iTunes already.

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