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February 12, 2015

The Glam Guide – Fleur De Force £7.49 was £14.99

Hey guys so today’s blog post is going to be an overview and first thoughts on Fleur De Force’s new book “The Glam Guide”. I just got this today as I was planning on going to Whsmiths anyways to go and grab my Dad his birthday presents. However I was not planning on getting this until I saw it in store and I just had to pick it up. I’ve always loved Fleur she’s so down to earth and I find it easy to relate to her. She lives in the country but comes to London often I grew up in the country so I especially love watching her vlogs. 


“Fleur De Force is one of the most successful beauty and fashion vloggers in the UK. She started making videos on YouTube in September 2009, and has been building her global audience ever since.”

I can’t quite remember when I first started really getting into Fleur’s videos or blog posts I think it was around two years ago now. I just love how she’s always so positive & fun she’s also so welcoming and I never feel like she’s forcing herself to produce content. When I heard that she was coming out with a book I was super excited just like when I hear Zoella was coming out with a book too. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on either of them and I’m so glad that I have managed to pick it up today. 

The Book

Before I even saw any photos or seen any sneak previews on either her blog or youtube videos I had this image in my head that her book would be similar to Lauren Conrad’s books. If you don’t know what her books are like they’re very well put together and easy to read as they have the perfect balance of text and photos. 

I was right Fleur’s book is just as good as Lauren’s and they both follow the same style. I have included some images of the book above however these are just a few as I didn’t want to ruin it for those of you who don’t yet own one. 

The book has nine different chapters which are:

– Introduction

– Beauty 

– Hair

– Fashion 

– Travel

– Health and fitness,

– Life, love, dreams and everthing in between

– Youtube and blogging

– A note to my subscribers

– Acknowledgements

Each chapter is filled with text, beautiful illustrations, diagrams and photos of Fleur. I especially love the balance of the text as it’s not too much or too little. I find that books which have lots of text can often be overwhelming and hard to read. As well as this the combination of photos, illustrations and diagrams helps you to understand each topic a lot better than if the book just had photos for example. 

I haven’t fully read it yet just flicked through the book however I’m already liking the end of each chapter which all have 10 quick tips. I think that these are really useful and a great way to round off the chapter. I am definitely going to be using some of these tips as they could become quite useful for everyday life. 

Overall it’s a very beautifully put together book and I think that I shall be referring back to it throughout the rest of my life. I like that it doesn’t just include one topic but many therefore a wide variety of people will enjoy it. I am so proud of Fleur as I know from watching her videos and reading her blog posts how much effort and time she has put into producing, writing and putting together this book. 

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