Video | Tower Bridge Glass Walkway + A Day in London

February 15, 2015

Hey guys so today’s blog post/video is a vlog of my time at London’s Tower Bridge Glass Walkway and also the rest of the afternoon/evening I spent out with my mum and some family friends. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

First of all once we had met up we all made our way towards Tower Hill as we had booked tickets to go on the glass walkway. Before going on it I had heard about it as I had read it in the newspaper a while back. I was a bit anxious as I’m not very good when it comes to heights. I know that it was safe and everything but it still made me feel queasy when I actually stepped on the glass itself. 

If you want to find out more about that then take a look at my first ever vlog. I have to admit it was pretty fun filming it as I have never done anything like it before. I have filmed vlogs before but I have never featured in them before so talking to a camera was pretty weird. I got a few odd looks but after a while it was fine so I continued to do it. Although it’s not exactly the worlds longest vlog I did manage to capture the experience which is going to be nice to look back on in a few years time. 

Outfit of the day:

Jacket – Boohoo

Boots – New Look

Skirt – H&M

Shirt – Hollister

Tights – Primark (The extra cosy ones)

View of Tower Bridge
The West side of London
The view of the Tower of London and the city
The view of East London
The view from the glass walkway
Again the view from the glass walkway
The view of West London from the bridge

 The view of the Shard and the rest of West London from the bridge

The view of East London from the ground
Tower Bridge up close
Tower Bridge from afar
Cute bridges 
Dinner settings

 After the Tower Bridge Glass Walkway experience we all made our way to our dinner reservation which was at Le Pont De La Tour. I have to admit when I first entered the restaurant I was taken in by the whole feel of the restaurant. The restaurant is a very posh but very friendly place all of the waiters are either French, Italian or Spanish which was pretty cool. They were so accommodating and it was the type of place where your chair would get pulled out for you when you came back from the bathroom (weird but unique experience). 

The menu

I wasn’t sure I would like any of the food as it was a posh place however the choice was very open as they had a few choices which I knew I would like. First of all I went for a passion fruit non-alcoholic cocktail as I’m not really a drinker. For those wondering I am allowed to drink if I wanted to in the UK as the legal drinking age is 18. 

I then chose the salmon which was just a small helping of smoked salmon with pomegranate, chilli and red onion. I then went for the beef with potatoes, vedgetables and a Yorkshire pudding. I decided not to have a pudding as I didn’t really like any of the options available. So I had some of the small chocolate gifts that they gave to us they were super yummy as some of them were small chocolate brownies. 

All of our drinks mine was a passion fruit cocktail (non-alcoholic)
Smoked salmon with pomegranate, chilli and red onion
Beef, potatoes, vedgetables and Yorkshire pudding
Yummy chocolate treats
Tower Bridge in the dark

Once we all finished at the restaurant we made our way along the river towards the Shard. Ever since I moved to London which is about six years ago now I’ve always wanted to walk along the river at night time. I’m so glad that I got the chance as it’s such a wonderful experience. I couldn’t help myself I had to take lots of photos as it’s probably something I won’t do in a long time.

We then went to the bar at the Shard which was on something like the 42nd floor so it wasn’t all the way up but it was high enough. The photo that I took really doesn’t do the view justice as it was just breathtaking and I’d love to go during the day. If you have the chance definitely go and check it out it’s a great way to see the view without paying for a ticket to go all the way up.

The view from the Shard’s bar

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