5 Places That I’d Like To Visit

March 25, 2015

Hey how are you? What’s going on? How’s your Wednesday going? Well mine’s going well so far I’ve just woken up it’s 10am here in London and I have my breakfast bar and tea right next to me so I’m all ready to write this blog post. Today’s topic is about travel I love to travel and I have been to some amazing places in my time such as South Africa, Italy, Turky, Egypt, Finland, Portugal and Barcelona to name a few. 

I thought that I would do this post to share with you guys some of the places that I would like to visit either in the near future or future. I’ve also seen other bloggers do the same post and I love to read where they want to go and why I think travel says a lot about a person because they could want to go on a holiday based on adventure or relaxation. 


One of the places that I’d like to visit is Barcelona now this is kind of a cheat as I have already visited the city before. However I was only there for one evening when I went on the Cruise back in 2013. When we finished the cruise we went straight to the airport so I never really got the chance to explore. I loved the whole atmosphere there everyone was so welcoming. 

We only ate at one restaurant but it was lovely it wasn’t a chain restaurant so the owners were really lovely. At first we thought it might not be nice as we were the only people in there but the food was delicious and all of the staff were accommodating. The hotel that we stayed at was in the middle of the city which meant that we could explore some of the shops at night time. The streets are filled with amazing architecture unfortunately we weren’t able to visit the Sagrada Familiao or anywhere else. This is why I’d love to go again and definitely in the summer so we can go to the beach as well.


I’ve always loved the idea of Paris I mean first of all it is the city of love after all and secondly it’s so close to London. Why I have never been there I don’t know I have been to Disneyland Paris but that’s not the same as going to Paris itself. I love everything about French culture the food, the people, the language and the shopping. I know for a fact when I’m older and have my own children I want to bring them up bilingual speaking both English and French. 

I can speak French myself although I do need a bit of practice as I haven’t spoken it fluently for about two years now. When I get the chance to go to Paris I will be doing all of the touristy things except from visiting the museums as they aren’t really my thing. Although the Parisians are thought to be rude and unwelcoming that doesn’t put me off going there why would it apparently us Londoners are rude too. Okay so we are definitely more prone to rudeness when it’s raining but the majority of the time we aren’t that bad. 


The third place that I’d like to visit is Seattle this is because first of all I have fallen in love with the city from watching Grey’s Anatomy and I’m sure if you watch it too then you might have as well. It looks so vibrant at night time and I love how the city’s mostly surrounded by water so you have to take ferry boats. Ever since I’ve moved to London five years ago I have loved everything about living in a city. I love the food options, the hustle and bustle of every day life and the opportunity to meet so many different people. So taking a holiday to another city is right up my street although I do love beach holidays I also love holidays where you explore.


I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand whether it’s a family holiday or travelling I want to go. I love the thought of exploring this beautiful place filled with adventure and rich in culture. Although I’d love to spend lots of time at the beaches it’s not top on my list I’d also like to help the community, visit the cities, visit a temple and learn to cook some local dishes. When I do visit Thailand I would like to go with a few friends or family members I would never go alone as it can be dangerous for women especially although this may be a stereotype it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 


The last place that I would like to visit is Santorini which is a Greek island. Ever since seeing the photos from Zoella, Alfie, Marcus, Tanya, Jim and Niomi’s holiday I have wanted to go. It’s such a picturesque place and it looks so enchanting both during the day and at night. I think it’s more of a place to visit as a couple or with friends rather than a family holiday location. It’s definitely my type of holiday as I do like relaxing holidays too I’d love to go and sit by the pool all day reading a good book. As well as this I have always liked Greek food as some of it is so tasty my favourite is the traditional Greek salad you can never go wrong with that. 

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