Haul | Boots March 2015

March 31, 2015

Hello everyone so today’s blog post is me sharing with you a few things that I’ve brought from Boots. I did the usual thing where I went in to get one thing and came out with other things that just so happened to jump in my basket (anyone else do this too?). Recently I’ve been going to Boots a lot more than Superdrug but only because it’s close to my work and I can pop in after my shift. However I personally prefer Superdrug I just think it’s a lot more affordable for me especially. 

The first few products that I picked up were these Rita Ora nail varnishes. Now I know I said in a couple of blog posts or videos back that I wouldn’t be purchasing any nail polishes  any time soon as I can’t wear them for work. However as soon as I saw these I just had to pick up a few I mean they’re gorgeous. I have Sweet Retreat and Roll In The Grass on at the moment and I have to say they are so pigmented and they are perfect for Spring. 

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine By Rita Ora £2.99 each

Neon Fest 

Roll In The Grass

Sweet Retreat

The second thing that I picked up were these nose strips. I can’t quiet remember if I have mentioned them before but I love them especially these ones. I’ve tried other ones from different brands but these are the best ones. They really work well although they are quiet expensive they do the job and I definitely recommend them. I tend to use one once a week as they can make that area of your face area quiet dry. 

Bioré® Original Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 6s £7.99

I picked up these face wipes as I had run out of mine. I usually go for Nivea wipes however Simple are always my second choice if the Nivea ones aren’t on offer. When I was looking at all of the different face wipes and I can’t quiet believe how expensive they were. However I really needed them so I chose these ones which seemed the best option. There were other wipes that were cheaper but I wanted to stick to a brand that I knew and loved.

Simple Kind To Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes £3.49

The next thing that I brought were these paracetamol tablets now I know some people tend to buy the more expensive ones but these work just as well in my opinion. I usually pick up two or three boxes as I place them in various places such as in my school bag, work bag and at home. I like to have a few on me all the time as you can get a headache or a tummy ache at any time. 

Boots Paracetamol £0.95

The last thing that I brought were these baby wipes. I find these really useful as first of all these ones were cheap and secondly they can be used for anything. I usually use them to wipe up any make-up that has smudged on my dressing table or to clean my hands after I’ve done my make-up. They’re also useful when you spill things which I do a lot so having these around will make cleaning up things such as make-up, juice or snacks much easier.

Boots Baby Soft Cloth Wipes £0.98

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