Oliver Bonas Haul

March 4, 2015

Hey guys so a couple of days ago I popped into Oliver Bonas on the way home. I wanted to just have a browse and pick up a few items to put on my new Kallax shelving unit from Ikea. I came out with these three items all of them are super cute and I can’t wait to put them on my shelves. I’m hoping to use this new unit as my background for my YouTube videos so keep an eye out to see if my background changes.

The first item that I picked up was this small Kyler copper tray which was only £12. I actually got the idea of getting a copper tray from one of Zoella’s latest homeware hauls. I can’t quite remember if she has the same tray or a similar one. I’m so in love with it as it will add some colour to my plain white shelving unit. I could either use it as an object to place things upon when taking some blog post photos or I could use it as storage. I’m thinking of using it to place some perfume bottles on it as it makes 

The second item that I brought was this green Astrid Bowl which was only £4.50. I thought that it was really cute. They have around six different colours along with small trays that match each pattern and colour. I’d love to collect them all so that I can place them around my room and use them as storage. I think that they will be perfect for putting my lip balms, bracelets, hair bands and hair grips as well as small miscellaneous objects that don’t really have a place. 

The last item that I picked up was this candle although they did bigger ones and medium ones I chose this one as it was £14. I didn’t want to comitt to any of the larger ones as they were quite expensive and I didn’t want to buy one and not like it. I also chose this one because it’s different and will sit perfectly on my side table or on my new shelves. As you can probably tell at the moment I’m searching for little things to place upon my shelves so that I have more storage places but also so that it looks pretty and organised.

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