The Sunday Topic No.5 – Blogging

March 1, 2015

Hey guys so first of all sorry for not posting a TST in a while sometimes it gets to Sunday and I have no ideas what to write for this blog post. So I would rather leave it until the next week than post something which is boring and rushed.

The Sunday Topic:

I wanted to start a series that I’m going to be running for the whole year one that’s going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I’m going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

What is blogging?

So in case you areunfamiliar with the term “blogging” or the world of blogging then I will explain it to you. Blogging is basically when you write down your thoughts, opinions or feelings on a particular subject or object on a blog. Now in my opinion blogging is when people actually write a post or a review I don’t count Tumblr accounts or Instagram accounts as blogs. Don’t get me wrong if you think your Tumblr account is a blog then that’s fine but personally I don’t. 

In order to be a blogger you usually upload on a regular basis whether this be daily or weekly. However in order to keep your audience engaged you need to upload quite frequently. I find that nowadays some people only blog for the sake of it or to become “internet famous. However there are a lot of people who blog for themselves as they see their blog as like an online diary. There are many things people blog about whether this be about make-up, fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, cooking or day-to-day shenanigans

Why do I blog?
To begin with I began to blog because I had nothing else to do apart from being obsessed with the Sims 3 at that time and spending my time watching TV shows and lots of DVD’s my life was pretty dull. Then I discovered the world of blogging and ever since I have never looked back. I wanted to blog for myself so that I could look back on it in the future and be proud of it. 

I’m not one of those individuals who is creative when it comes to painting, a star athlete or the next Einstein. So I wanted something of my own that people would be proud of me for achieving and I think I have found that thing.  I find that these days I still blog for myself as I never pressure myself into blogging if I don’t feel like blogging that day I won’t. 

A few of my favourite bloggers
All Things Beautiful
Away With The Faries
Sian Marie

Do any of my friends blog?
Yes a few of my friends do blog and some of them even started because of me!! Which is pretty cool because you feel like you have inspired them. I love to see people get inspired by others so me inspiring someone really makes me feel good. I have loved helping them set up their blog and giving them my advice for running and looking after their blog.

What do my family or friends think of me writing a blog?

Originally only some of my friends know which was quite a big thing for me as I hadn’t told anyone. Gradually I began to tell a few family members and some more friends as time went on. Then about a week ago I let it all slip out and I told everyone I knew via my social media sites. This was a massive thing for me as blogging can be hard to understand which is why so many bloggers I know haven’t told their family too. 

I totally understand why they keep it a secret as it’s something your afraid to tell people because of the reaction that you might get. It could go either way they could think your really cool and brave or they could be like why would you do that what’s the fun in it type of thing. When it came down to me I thought 100% that no one would understand and that people would judge me straight away as it turns out I was wrong. Everyone understood and they were all so supportive of me.

Some of my tips and tricks when it comes to blogging
– If you are thinking of starting a blog then DO IT
– Be aware of companies approaching you not all of them are real!
– Only do opportunities with companies that you feel comfortable with!
– Blog when you want to not when people want you to
– Write what you want to write about it’s your blog after all
– Use social media to get your blog out there
– Make lots of blog friends (they come in handy when you need advice)
– Go on blogging meet-ups (they’re fun and you meet lots of different bloggers)
– Link all of your social media at the bottom of your posts
– Use bloglovin!

My blogging future

At the moment I’m so happy with where my blog is at I love that I can just write about anything that I want and I know that you guys won’t think I’m crazy or weird. I would love it if my blog lasted for a long time and that I was able to do this for many years. I would definitely love to collab with more people on my blog as I seem to do more of those on my channel than my blog. Of course I would love it if more people read it and shared it but that’s not my top priority. I would love to write about a mixture of different things as well and just grow my blog in my own way.

What are your thoughts on blogging?

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