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March 23, 2015

Happy Monday everyone I hope you have had a lovely day I know I have end to end today I am going to be sharing with you this award that I got nominated for. I’ve never heard of the Versatile award before so I was surprised when I got nominated for it.

First of all thank you to Emsy at BeingEmsy who nominated me for this award I am very thankful. The way this award goes is you have to share seven facts about myself, then nominate fifteen other blogs to do the same.

Seven facts about me:
1. I love a good chocolate cake
2. Disney movies are my fave
3. I’m a little bit addicted to Frozen (I’ve watched it around 20 times now)
4. Although I blog about beauty I hardly wear make-up only sometimes
5. I still have a teddy which has to be near me when I sleep
6. A cup of tea always cheers me up
7. I’m much more of a home person than a going out one

The fifteen beauties that I nominate:
The Little Blog Of Girlyness 
Miss Travelesque
Nikita Batavia 
Listen To Hannah All Day
Chloe Talks
Porcelain Princess
Chelsea Potter 
Jasmine Ward
Mia Baudelaire
Jade Ambers Blog
Chapter One Blog

Sumptuous Elixir

Let me know if you have done the award I’d love to see all of your responses!! I really loved doing this award although it was short it was also great fun I hope you liked seeing some more facts about me.

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