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April 4, 2015

365 Blog Topic Ideas – Dana Fox £10.80

Good morning everyone it’s currently 10.12 am here in London and I am sat here watching Hawaii 5’O as well as writing up this blog post. Today I thought that I would share with you my most recent purchase. Over the past couple of days I have picked up various things such as books, clothes and beauty products. It was pay day on Monday for me and every month I like to treat myself to some things. The rest stays in my account to pay for things such as food, driving lessons and more food. 

This particular book is the 365 Blog Topic Ideas by the lovely Dana Fox. Dana is from Canada she is a blogger as well as a YouTuber. I’ve been following Dana’s blog Wonder Forest for a while now and I love the whole design and feel of the blog. The whole point of this book is to provide some ideas for lifestyle bloggers. Now this can be newbie bloggers or experienced ones because each topic can be taken and then interpreted in any way that you want. 

Although the book costs £10.80 I personally think it’s a good investment I got mine from Amazon. I mean it could take your blog from one extreme to the other. £10.80 in the long run isn’t that big of a deal if you can’t afford it maybe ask someone to buy it for your birthday or another occasion. You could even buy one between two people and share the ideas through instant messaging.

The book itself has a design which is simple and clean as you can see from the photos above each page is dedicated to one topic. You could open a page at random and use that topic or you could work your way through the book. Another suggestion would be that you could jot down ideas on each page using a pencil and then you could erase it after.

The book is split up into two sections these are Everyday Ideas and Holiday, Seasonal and End of Year Ideas. I really like the way that it has been split up as trying to think of things to blog around Christmas/New Years time can be pretty difficult. You always want to be different to everyone else but original and captivating. I have included some examples of the ideas from the book but only a few as you won’t want to buy the book otherwise!!

Some examples of blog posts inside the book:

– Write a response to someone else’s blog post 

– Something you should avoid

– 7 Things you found on the web this week

– Write a note to your future self 

– Feature cool shops or products from a different country 

– Share how you’ve grown as a blogger (and share some tips)

I only received mine yesterday however I’m already thinking of how I can write several topics from the book in my own way. I highly recommend this book as it can definitely help you with writers block. I can’t wait to use it as I often struggle with ideas especially when I have a lot going on outside of the blogging/YouTube world. Dana also has another book called Blog Wonderful as well as a new course all about blogging which is called Get Noticed.

Dana’s links:

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