7 Days of Disney | Day 7 – 3 Reasons why I love Disney

April 21, 2015

Hey guys so for today’s post which is actually the last day of this series which I have really enjoyed doing I thought that I would end it with more of an insight as to why I love Disney so much. Today I am going to be sharing with you 3 reasons why I like Disney so much sometimes I get asked this so I thought now would be the right time to explain to you guys why. 

1. First of all I guess in some sort of way it’s a comfort blanket for me. I always turn to Disney when I’m having a bad day it makes me feel safe. I have a few movies that I will always go to before I watch anything else. I always find that Disney relaxes me and brings me back down to earth in a sense. If I’ve been having a really weird or crazy day I like to watch a Disney film to unwind and relax then I can concentrate on something else after or whilst I’m watching one. (I am aware that may not make any sense to you but it does to me)

2. I love how people of all ages are treated the same at Disney whether it’s a Disneyland Paris or Disney World Florida. The characters all speak to the people the same no matter what age they are. I know they are in character but I just like the fact that everyone is treated the same no matter their height, weight, ethnicity, disability, age etc..even if it’s just for a day, week or month.

3. It’s just so magical whether it’s the storyline of a new movie, a song or being at the parks there’s magic everywhere. I just love that feeling of actually believing in something that’s actually there. For me the whole feeling I get when I’m listening to Disney music, watching a movie or watching any of the Disney vlogs is happiness. I think when I eventually go to Disney World in a few years I’ll be in my twenties but I’ll still get that magical feeling which J’adore. 

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