A H&M Shift Dress

May 18, 2015

Hey everyone I hardly do a blog post based upon fashion well not one where I focus on an outfit. So today I thought that I would change it up a bit and I would do just that. I got home from Sixth Form and I thought I should share with you guys what I was wearing as I loved this outfit a lot. 


Coat – New Look (Around £45)

Dress – H&M (On sale for £10 when I brought it)

Bag – Primark (£10)

Shoes – New Look (Around £12)

Tights – (Not worn in the photos but I did wear them)

Today’s outfit is formal as well as comfortable as I have been to Sixth Form where I am required to wear formal/work clothes. I should probably point out I was wearing tights too as it was quite cold however I had taken them off by the time I took the photos. I only got this dress the other day and it was on sale for £10 which is pretty good considering how pretty it is. 

I have paired it with a plain black trench coat from New look, a black bag from Primark and some black shoes which are also from New Look. When I wear a clothing item which has a lot of colour or a bright pattern then I will pair it with more plain and simple things so that it doesn’t clash.

I feel like the dress can definitely be dressed up or down depending on what you are doing that day. I’ve always loved H&M dresses and I own quite a few now I’ve always though the quality is very high considering the price. I’m thinking about doing a H&M based lookbook on my channel in the future so let me know if you would like this. 

I’ve never been one to wear bold colours or unusual patterns but I saw this and I immediately fell in love. I knew that this year would be the year that I would be more adventurous and daring with my wardrobe. I have recently purchased many brightly coloured patterned things which I’m sure you’ll see somewhere on my social media platforms.

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