5 of my favourite Instagram accounts

May 26, 2015

Hey everyone in today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with you a few Instagram accounts that I have been loving recently. Some of them are themed whereas others are family-orientated. I’ve been using Instagram a lot recently and I’m so thankful for all of my followers who I love to interact with on an hourly basis. I’m a bit of an Instagram addict at the moment and I’ve really upped my game on my profile so I’m definitely going to do a video about my photos soon. 

I’ve been following Kayleigh’s blog for  a while now which is amazing I just love her photography she’s really talented and very classy. Therefore it’s not a surprise that I’m in love with her instagram account if you love beauty or fashion then definitely go and check it out. It’s also a great source for finding new clothing companies as Kayleigh regularly posts fashion pictures. 

The next two instagram accounts are from the lovely SacconeJolys. If you watch them then you will know who they are and if you don’t then you should because their family is super adorable. Their two children Emilia and Eduardo are just the cutest and I have loved watching both of the children grow. Both of Jonathan and Anna’s instagram accounts feature many adorable kid photos as well as other things from their every day life.

I’m sure you all know who Aspyn Ovard is as she has over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel her instagram account is full of colour and I just love scrolling through it. You can tell Aspyn spends a lot of time on her photography and editing. I am just in love with Aspyn at the moment her photography, videos and just her personality makes me thankful that I discovered her in the first place.

The last Instagram account that I want to share with you is Becky’s who is also a blogger. Her Instagram account is literally life I mean the quality of her images is really good and the images that she puts up makes me want to purchase everything she owns. I also really like the quotes that Becky puts up as she always chooses ones which are meaningful. Last of all her sausage dog is just the cutest. 

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