8 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas

May 31, 2015

Hey guys I’ve been really busy over the last few days as it’s been my birthday so I’ve been here and there seeing friends and family. I’ve finally got the chance to sit down and write a blog post for you guys this one will be quite short as I have a lot to do today. 

1) Use social media to find ideas. A great way is to talk about things that are current. For example, the latest electronic device or trending clothing item.

2) Your own experiences, thoughts or feelings make a great blog post. Your readers love to feel closer to you so opening up is always a good idea. As long as you feel comfortable though!!

3) Reading blog books can provide you with some ideas such as 365 Blog Topic Ideas by Dana Fox. Books like these can really provide you with some inspiration if you have writers block.

4) Looking through other peoples blogs are a great way of finding ideas I find taking one of their ideas and turning it into my own is a great way for me to produce a blog post.

5) Twitter is a fantastic way for me to get blog post ideas I usually use the #bblogger #lblogger or #fblogger to find relevant blog  posts to my blog. 

6) Asking your readers what to blog post they want to see is another way to get ideas. Although I’m a really big believer in writing what you want when you really need ideas this is a good way to get some. 

7) If you’ve written a series recently but stopped it because you are busy why not pick it up again? I’ve done that a lot I have various series going on but sometimes I just get so busy I have to stop writing them. 

8) Inspiration from all around you. I always like to carry a notebook with me or write ideas in my phone. I guess you never really know when you will have an idea whether it’s when you’re out and about or sitting at home reading through other blogs. 

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