Things I’ve Learnt About Blogging So Far

May 17, 2015

Hello everyone happy Sunday!! Today in London it’s actually really nice weather I’m so sorry that I haven’t been very active on here this week. It’s been one of those weeks where I put my blog on the back burner as I have had lots of other stuff life wise to do. 

Today I am going to be sharing with you a few things that I have learnt so far on my blogging journey. I have been blogging for a year and around seven months now which may seem like a long time. I guess in many ways it is as  I could be considered an “expert” or “intermediate” blogger by some or a “beginner” by others. 

Not everyone is nice
Unfortunately this is true. Although I’d say 99% of bloggers are lovely, kind and compassionate there are a few who are mean and not very welcoming. I would say that I have experienced a few of these people and it does make you question bloggers for a while. I guess there is a sort of hierarchy in the blogging world and if you are new or inexperienced then top bloggers aren’t likely to respond or look at your blog. 

Although the blogging world can be lovely, supportive and inspirational it can also be a main target for cyber bullying at times. I have seen many horrible comments on blogs and YouTube videos which I would never post myself.. You do get over this after a while and realise that the majority of them are not like these very few. I guess you also have to grow a thick skin when it comes to hate and criticism the first few comments can hurt a lot. After a few you grow to appreciate the other constructive, kind and overwhelming comments more and ignore the horrible mean ones.  

It’s not as easy as it seems
I think blogging has this whole sense of “being easy” I don’t know where this has come from but I know many people think “I can do that”. I have known many people who fall at the first hurdle which makes me realise what I do is not as easy as many people think. I upload a video twice a week and try to upload a blog post every other day so that’s usually four times a week. To many this may seem easy as they upload on a daily basis whereas to others it may seem impossible as they may only upload once or twice a week. 

As some of you may know if you have been reading my blog or watching my videos for a while I’ve actually had a few blogs before Asia Jade. These weren’t successful and I definitely fell at the first hurdle. I tried to upload on a daily basis and it just wasn’t working for me blogging became stressful and essentially I gave up. I took a step back from my old blog and I looked at where it went wrong and that’s when I decided to start fresh and then Asia Jade was born. 

In many ways I am thankful that my first few blogs weren’t a success as I learnt so much from them. I was less thankful at the time instead I was quite deflated as I was one of those people who believed that in fact blogging was easy. I have now realised what I do is in fact a challenge as I have built up an audience who expect me to upload various days of the week. I am thankful that I have kept a calm approach to blogging and if I don’t feel like blogging one day I won’t. 

Take a relaxed approach
I know that everyone is different but I feel that it’s important to be relaxed when it comes to blogging. Sometimes bloggers/youtubers get way to stressed out over it and it’s unnecessary. No matter whether blogging for you is a hobby or a job it shouldn’t become stressful. Blogging is about expressing yourself in various ways whether this is through writing or a video. I always try to blog on the days I have told you guys however when I don’t feel like blogging I won’t I don’t mind uploading the next day and I know you guys don’t either. 

You don’t need expensive equipment to be successful
I know most bloggers have really nice cameras, laptops or other equipment. Honestly you don’t need this to start a blog or YouTube channel I started out using my iPhone to take photos for my blog and my iPad to film my videos on. I used a very glamorous tripod made out of a stack of books so what I’m trying to say is don’t feel defeated because you don’t have the right equipment. You should use what you have and then make it as good as you can that’s basically what I did. 

In time you can invest things into your blog like asking for a nice camera for your birthday or Christmas. It’s always better to do it in the long run as working on your blog should be done this way and not quickly. I find that by working things out this way you can really decide whether it’s good for your blog/channel or not. Sometimes when we make quick decisions we often don’t make the right ones and later on wish we hadn’t made them.

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