My Summer Bucketlist 2015

June 14, 2015

I’m sure a lot of people have a bucket list for many things but I thought I’d create one for this Summer. I want to see how many things on it I can tick off as I normally don’t do much in Summer. So by having this bucketlist it might encourage me to do more things. I’m going to split it up into three parts these are myself, blog and youtube. These are just some ideas obviously my bucketlist is 10x longer but I just picked a few to write down.


– Go to the beach

– Watch all the DVD and TV series I own again

– Bake more

– Spend more time with family and friends

– Explore London more

– Say YES more

– Read a book a week

– Pass my driving exam then go on a road trip
– Spend time on myself
– Go on a staycation with a friend
– Take more photos
– Go to the zoo
– Go to a food market


– Try to blog every other day
– Do a few collabs with other bloggers
– Post more fashion posts
– Stick to a series for the summer e.g. mid-week wishlist
– Complete the blog course I’m on (Get Noticed)
– Make sure my blog is up to date e.g. admin things
– Plan for the future


– Manage to upload a video every other day for a month
– Do a few collabs with fellow Youtubers
– Up my editing game even more
– Do more DIY’s 
– Help fellow Youtubers out with their channel
– Film videos to stock up on

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