My Trek America Dream Trip

June 12, 2015

Recently I’ve been into all thing’s Trek America from their website to people’s instagram photos and tweets. I’m just loving it at the moment as I’m a huge fan of travelling as I’m sure most of you already know. Trek America are a travelling company based in America that specialise in tours for people aged 18-38. They have wide range of tours from New York to LA, Vancouver to Calgary, Anchorage to Anchorage, San Jose to San Jose and Mexico City to Panama City so there’s definitely something for everyone. 

I bet you’re wondering by now where this craze for Trek America has come from. Well last year I watched Victoria’s vlogs from InTheFrow she went on a trek for three months with them!! I absoutely love both her blog and youtube channel so I was super excited when her vlogs started popping up in my subscription box. You can check out all of her Trek America vlogs here and her blog post about it here.

A more recent source of information has been from the lovely Corrie from DizzyBrunette3. Corrie went on a trek around two weeks ago now which isn’t really that long in terms of travel. I’ve been loving her vlogs which you can watch here sadly today she uploaded the last one which was bittersweet. I’ve also been loving reading her blog post on it which you can read here.

I wrote a comment on her last vlog which said “This is such a bittersweet vlog for me. Bitter because it’s the last one from you Corrie but sweet because it’s helped me decide that I 100% want to go on a Trek America trip next year. So hopefully I will be able to and vlog my experience like you.” 

So it goes to show how much these blog posts and vlogs have influenced me in making a final decision. That being that I definitely 100% want to try and go on one next year depending on when I’m available and the cost. 

Southern Sun Route

I’d love to go on the Southern Sun trek based in America. This particular trek can either start in New York or Los Angeles and end in either one. The Southern Sun trek is camping based with a few nights in hotels. I’m not that worried about camping as I quite easily adapt to change so going from a hotel room to a tent won’t bother me that much. The whole trip lasts around 21 days depending if you stay a day extra either end of the trip to explore the citys. 

Some of the highlights of the tour (taken from the Trek America website) include: 
– Cruise the Las Vegas Strip in a super-stretch limo
– Philadelphia’s famous ‘Rocky’ steps and Liberty Bell
– Hike the lush trails of the Appalachian Mountains
– Visit the homeland of Elvis Presley in Memphis
– The sweet sounds of Nashville, New Orleans & Austin
– Navajo culture and scenery in Monument Valley

Even though I haven’t been on a trek yet I highly recommend you checking it out if you are taking a gap year or you’re thinking of travelling. I really really want to go on a trek and I’m going to work at being able to go on one next year starting from now. That means saving up money and planning things out so I can ask work to have the time off. 

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