Zoella Tutti Fruity Collection First Impressions

July 10, 2015

So I was a bit cheeky yesterday and I popped into Superdrug for a “browse” but came out with a few things including these beautiful beauty products from the lovely Zoella. I’m sure the majority of you know who Zoe is so I won’t bore you with all the details except that she has brought out a new beauty range for the Summer called Tutti Fruity. 

I was super excited for this as soon as I found out and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the products. So I ended up buying three of the products which are the shower gel, body mist and the body lotion. I also thought that I would do my first impressions in a blog post as I often do them over on my channel so I thought I would mix it up a bit. 

Candy Cream Body Lotion £5

Much like the first range the packaging of this is very similar except from the colours and design. I really love the colours of it as it screams Summer to me the packaging itself is well made and definitely a great product to take away with you. This is because I’m 100% sure it won’t leak into your suitcase as it has a seal on the inside as well as the lid which clicks into place making it hard to open. 

The body lotion itself looks intriguing to me as it’s not like any other body lotion I’ve seen. This one has beads inside it too whereas other body lotions usually just have the lotion. I really like the idea of using these beads as it also slightly exfoliates your skin as well as soothing and moisturising it. I’m very excited to try this as I’ve never tried any of Zoe’s body lotions so it will be interesting trying it out. 

Lets Spritz Body Mist £8

The next product I picked up is the body mist which I just had to get as I love her first one. Like I said in my most recent video talking about my perfume collection which you can watch here the scent of this is much more summery which makes it perfect for this time of year. I love how Zoe has kept the same sort of packaging but changed the colour and design of it. The bottle itself is very easy to transport as it’s small enough to fit in most bags. I love the colours chosen for it as this sort of blue is one of my favourite colours. I have a feeling this will be one of my most used sprays this summer as the scent is so fresh and it smells so good!!

Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel £3.50

Again I’m going to start by talking about the design and packaging I love how they all match one and another but they’re unique as well. The bottle itself is tall and slim which makes it a great travelling product as it saves quite a lot of space. The fact that it’s a “foaming” gel makes it a product that will last a long time as you will only need to use a little bit. It’s also a really lightweight product which means that you could take two away with you if you’re going to  be gone a long time and it would hardly affect your allowance. The gel is a pretty pearly pinky purple colour which reminds me of sea shells. I just think this is such a pretty product and brightens any bathroom up instantly.

Overall I really love this range as I loved Zoe’s previous range. The pricing is perfect as it’s a reasonable price for the quality and amount you get. I can’t wait to try all of these out and I will be feeding back to you whether it’s through another blog post or a video so keep an eye out for that. 

Have you tired any of these products out?

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