Desk Inspiration From Pinterest

July 26, 2015

As a person who watches YouTube a lot or reads blogs constantly I’m often seeing these amazing desktops/backgrounds that people have created. Whether it’s for their background in their videos or their photos some of them are so creative. Pinterest has really helped me in my inspiration for desks as I have been able to create my own board which has lots of different desk inspirations in it. 

The images above are all from that board created on my Pinterest account. I would love love love to have a desk area like this one day as I think it will really help motivate me to film and create blog posts. At the moment I use my bed, table and chest of draws as various desks which is a bit boring at times. 

I’m hoping to work on a desk area soon as I am in need of it and it would be a fun project to do as I love styling my Kalax shelves. I think it would have to be like something in the pictures above as they look aesthetically pleasing. I’m sure I will vlog about the process as that would be a fun thing to do as well. It will also probably be my new video background as I’m getting kind of bored of my one at the moment.

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