How Long Does A Blog Last?

July 16, 2015

The answer is how ever long you want it to. I’ve seen many blogs come and go in my time and I am constantly going through my blog list and following those that are no longer active. In my opinion a life of a blog is up to you whether you can no longer run it because of life issues or you just don’t feel it anymore that’s your choice. 

One thing I’ve learnt when it comes to my blog is don’t do anything you don’t want to do. If you get to a stage within your blog life where you feel that blogging isn’t for you anymore then stop. There’s nothing worse than pursuing something you have no passion for anymore trust me I know. You become almost like a robot just producing or doing the thing because you feel like you have to not because you want to. 

I’m sure I will get to a point in my life where I feel like blogging isn’t for me anymore. Although I’m not at that point yet I do know when I get to it I will just end the chapter as such and begin a new one. For me there’s no point in me continuing to blog when I just don’t have the passion for it anymore. 

However I’m not trying to scare you at the moment as I still have tons of passion for blogging so I’m sure I’ll be doing it for a while. I definitely think as time goes on my blog will develop and change therefore I will post different posts. Who knows if I become pregnant (In like 5 years +) I may even blog about that. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you think your time is up for blogging then just let your readers know with a blog post. Once that is done just close that chapter or keep it open if you are just taking a break. Then it’s time for you to start a new chapter I know starting something new can be fun but also daunting. However these new chapters can bring many happy times full of memories and amazing things. 

How long do you think a blog lasts for?

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